Daily Inventory
A short and long form for doing a personal daily inventory. Don't miss the page for the family daily inventory.

Distance Learning Center
The Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies at Hazelden is a source for addiction studies and continuing education.

Free Newsletter
Principles: Addiction & Recovery Tips & Talks is a free weekly serenity boost for anyone interested in recovery.

Gender Independent 12 X 12
Definitely not conference approved, this is a re-write of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of A.A. with gender references removed.

Gratitude List
A lack of gratitude can lead to Self-destructive behavior, consumed with envy, lethargy, sloth, lack of creativity and reduced motivation.

Health Calculators
Various "calculators" to help you determine everything from your target heart rate to your carbohydrate needs, from CipherSeek.

High Bottom Drunk
A novel... and the truth about addiction & recovery by Charles N. Roper, PhD.

Hour To Hour
Shelly Marshall's new publication, a meditation book for those in the first month of abstinence from alcohol and other drugs, a "pocket sponsor."

Human Media
Human Media offers a listening library of how people gain a victory over alcohol or drug problems. These tapes were originally broadcast nationwide on public radio.

Injury Prevention
The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) conducts and funds projects to prevent alcohol-related injuries and alcohol-impaired driving.

Maps to Meetings
CyberSober.com provides Twelve Step members with lists of meetings, and the maps to the meeting locations. Requires User ID and password login to access maps.

Our Primary Purpose Forum
An on-line Intergroup service of "Our Primary Purpose Forum" -- a newsletter solely by and for sober alcoholic members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Recovery Connection
A site dedicated to providing online self-help and support for alcoholics, codependents and adult children of alcoholics. Monthly fee charged after initial trial period.

Recovery Software
Downloadable software for recovering people.

Relapse Prevention New
We have a society that promotes the heavy use of alcohol and turns its back when someone relapses.

Sluggers Path
The SlugSystem is a new and easily understood description of the recovery process, designed to provide a focus to recovery and prevention efforts for professionals and the addict.

Sobriety Date Calculator
Barefoot Bob's "Handy Dandy Sobriety Date Calculator" that figures sobriety time down to the minute.

Self Improvement Online
A wealth of resources for a multitude of self growth, self improvement topics.

Spiritual Broadcast Network
Chat rooms, forums and voice chat to answer questions, pertaining to the Spiritual Realm and how it affects your life.

Taming Your Turbulant Past
A recovery book by Gayle Rosellini & Mark Worden is now free online.

The Annotated AA Handbook
The entire text of the original first edition Big Book, including the personal accounts of many of the earliest members of A.A. are reprinted here.

The Power to Change
This book is a guide for a 12 Step Program of problem solving and personal development and available online.

"The Retreat"
Held at St. Leo, FL, "The Retreat" was established in 1965 by Fr. Joe and members of A. A. & Al-Anon.

Top 10 AA Tapes
Dicobe Tapes lists its Top Ten most popular Alcoholics Anonymous speaker tapes.

Top Ten Al-Anon Tapes
A list of some of the most popular Al-Anon audio cassettes from Dicobe Tapes. Online order form available.