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bulletMen, Women, and the Internet: Gender Differences.
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Gambling is a hidden addiction because the consequences are not visibly apparent. But it can have a devastating effect on the individual and his or her family. Here is a quiz to find out if you are a compulsive gambler:


  1. Have you ever lost time from work or school due to gambling.
  2. Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?
  3. Has gambling affected your reputation?
  4. Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?
  5. Have you ever gambled to get money with which to pay debts or otherwise solve financial difficulties?
  6. Has gambling caused a decrease in your ambition or efficiency?
  7. After losing, have you felt you must return as soon as possible and win back your losses?
  8. After a win, have you had a strong urge to return and win more?
  9. Do you often gamble until your last dollar is gone?
  10. Have you ever borrowed to finance gambling?
  11. Have you ever sold anything to finance gambling?
  12. Have you every been reluctant to use "gambling money" for normal expenditures?
  13. Has gambling made you careless of the welfare of yourself and your family?
  14. Have you ever gambled longer than you planned?
  15. Have you ever gambled to escape worry or trouble?
  16. Have you every committed an illegal act to finance gambling?
  17. Has gambling caused you to have difficulty sleeping?
  18. Do arguments, disappointments or frustrations create within you the urge to gamble?
  19. Have you ever had an urge to celebrate any good fortune by a few hours of gambling?
  20. Have you ever considered self-destruction as a result of your gambling?

Most compulsive gamblers will answer "yes" to more than half of these questions.

If you have a gambling problem call Gamblers Anonymous. The phone number in the Los Angeles area is (213)260-4657. Or consult you local phone directory, or write Gamblers Anonymous, P.O. Box 17173, Los Angeles, CA. 90017. The internet address is: www.gamblersanonymous.org.