Mental Health Support Groups


bulletAbuse - Don't Suffer - For those suffering verbal, physical, emotional, sexual and any other form of abuse. Join the "healing club" and share your story by email.
bulletAlliance for the Mentally Ill - Advocacy organization.
bulletAnxiety Disorder Association - Information for patients and professionals and a directory of support groups around the US. With links to related sites.
bulletLight in the Darkness - Peer support and resource site for those with mood disorders such as depression. Includes message boards and chat rooms.
bulletMedSupport FSF International - Ask a doctor, read the latest medical news and research, and chat.
bulletMoon's Connections - Created for survivors of childhood abuse, this site offers chat rooms and personal poems. Includes links to sites in a web ring.
bulletNat'l Tourette Syndrome Association - Resources include a consumer's guide to medications, catalog of publications, coping with TS at home, and understanding coprolalia.
bulletPsychological Networks - Get facts about looking for a psychiatrist, paying for one, and how to recognize signs of mental illness. Links to support groups.
bulletRe-evaluation Counseling - Outline of the philosophy whereby people exchange effective help with each other to free themselves from distress.
bulletRitual Abuse Support Network - Informative reading for anyone who feels they have been a victim of ritualized abuse at the hands of a cult.
bulletSelf-Help Source Book - Support group resources.
bulletShoshanna's Psychiatric Survivors' Guide - Learn about this woman's struggle with the tactics involved in psychiatric therapy. Find links to publications and support groups.
bulletU&I Bulletins - Online monthly newsletter which aims to promote research into psychiatric practice and improve mental health care delivery.